“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.”

John 1:4

Light is all around us. We simply have to be aware of its presence, within us and all around us. One of the ways of looking at light is from the past, present, and future.

Light has come. Indeed it has, this past Christmas season and in the new year ahead. Light is everywhere: Christmas lights, lights on our Christmas tree, the ornaments we hang on our tree, the light in the little children’s faces, our loved ones on Christmas morning and the big day’s festivities. Even at night, just by turning on the lights in our homes, the light invades and pervades the very rooms we occupy. In short, light brings visibility to everyone and everything it touches.

Light has already come. It has already existed before our time and before time began. Light has always been there, without our being conscious or aware of it. Like the sun, it has always “been there.” Light exists in many different forms. Some of them are the sun, the lights in our homes, our exterior lights, another person’s smile, the countenance on their face, the brightness of a family member or friend’s eyes, as well as the light that exists inside each of our own hearts.

And, light will continue to be among us. I mean, of course it will be! Where would we be were it not for lights? Can you imagine a world with no lights in it?! It will also be among us for the rest of this new year ahead. And…forevermore. This is because light is perpetual; that is, its very existence means it is both on-going and eternal.  

This is a new year. 2023. 365 days of this prime-number year. Let the light in to your own soul. Go and get some sunshine and be the warmth of the sun’s rays for someone else in your world. 


One thought on “Light!”

  1. “Let your light shine”… never know who may need a ‘bright’ spot of encouragement, friendship, hope in your day.

    Good thoughts, DJ. X0 Mom


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