The Masters: A New Decade

Untamed Wildness
Photo taken by the author

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, esteemed members of our sport’s greatest game – that’s all of you! – aspiring golfers of all ages and ability, as well as the global, golfing community, it is with great excitement I announce to each of you personally that this year’s Masters is right around the corner – despite being postponed until later this fall. 

This defining tournament comes at a time in our history, in your history, may I remind you, marked by the very first Masters tournament to be played this decade, in the 2020’s. The roaring 20’s are back! Of course they are, a century later, and with that the most prestigious golfing event on the planet as we head into our moments roaring twenties. The landmark scene this grand stage is set upon is our 21st century. 

Like the preceding 1920’s terrific, towering rise, our world and our game – this game of golf – will continue its upward climb. It simply has to and I, for one, believe it will. They say history repeats itself; and for once, this will be in our favour and worthy of a repeat. I believe a tranquil nobility of strength, dignity, and honour will come to enclose this era and tournament, as historians of the game and the world over will come to realize, in hindsight.

I have heard it said that this year and decade brings with it “2020 vision” and I can think of no greater clarity than having this stage set upon golf’s greatest of all stages, at none other than the hallowed grounds at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. 

Each year as this tournament approaches I have noticed two things. First, the golf courses that are played on prior to this event (with exception to this year’s pandemic) all seem to start looking like Augusta’s. For instance, the pristinely-cut fairways, giant white sand bunkers, and pine straw looks around the edges of the fairways and greens all give that Masters-appearance. Second, the leaderboards in the events leading up are usually filled with the same names that top the Masters leaderboard, year in and year out, such as Jason Day, Adam Scott, Paul Casey, Zach Johnson, Phil, Rory, DJ and, of course, Tiger. 

Last year before the tournament started I predicted Tiger would win. This year, I predict again that Tiger will not only win and defend his Master’s title, but with his win it will catapult and propel him into a whole new realm of the history record books. By winning here at Augusta, Tiger would break the all-time record of most tournament wins in a career, established by Sam Snead, at 82 professional victories, set in 1965 at The Greater Greensboro Open (in other words, a long time ago.) 

Currently, both Tiger and Sam are tied at 82 wins. Number 83 will happen for Tiger, and probably a few more after that, because, well, he’s Tiger. I’m just saying and hoping it’ll be at this year’s Masters. Can you imagine: what a way it would be to launch this 20’s decade off in major-style in 2020 Anno Domini! But of course, I’m just sayin’.

I also believe that this decade will prove to be a very interesting and upwardly exciting one, in a way that can only be experienced by those of us living through it and those looking back on this historical time period. Sure, it will have its challenges and setbacks, as they all do; but, the enormity in scale will out-do any declines, no matter how they come. 

Now, like most golf fans out there, I’m just waiting for this year’s Masters to resume play. 

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