The Next Step


“Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life.”
– Victor Hugo

In this piece, I’d like to offer my reader’s a practical and useful tool to readily have on hand when facing a decision, of any kind. Many times during our week we’ll be facing a situation, or a choice of some sort, which we may not really know how to handle or even know where to begin. At this point I have found it helpful to ask myself the following question: “What’s the next step for me to do?” I have used this question many times and have found it helps me focus on the next thing to be done.

This methodology can be applied for big or small decisions you may be facing. It’s essentially designed to help get the ball rolling for a person to prioritize what needs to get done. We as human beings seem to like and work best when we have a checklist-of-sort as we work through an issue or an idea. Having this list also gives us a sense of accomplishment as we work our way towards a certain goal, as well as when that goal is completed. Life is essentially a series of steps, once broken down, that can be actionized through this next step process.

Think about this the next time you’re feeling stuck about a particular matter and ask yourself, “What’s the next step for me to do?” and then go do it.

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