Glorious Water – Part II


The author, Dwight, on a recent expedition last summer
Fisherman’s Wharf; Victoria, BC


“The tides are in our veins.”
– Robinson Jeffers


Just being around water is all I seem to need in order to relax. The mere sight of water or the hearing of its movement is enough to settle me, distract me from the moment, and bring peace into my being. Even in the busyness of my day, the sight of a waterfall can do wonders for me, as it brings the much-needed oxygen, and minerals too, to fill my lungs with this goodness.

I have come to be on the lookout for these places of water sanctuaries. At the place I work at, there are a couple of waterfalls that appear to drop from the wall they are mounted on. These wall waterfall’s are quite lengthy and are a haven to my soul. Like air for my next breath, just being around these falling streams of water are life itself for me. I often find myself taking a diversion or alternate path to where I am headed, just so I can glance at the sight of these miniature falls. Instantly, I am renewed and refreshed; almost made new again. It’s as if I almost don’t need to grab that coffee I was desperately craving for (which is often the reason I end up passing by these hanging waterfalls.) It seems that water is for me what chocolate is for other people. There is no explanation for this craving, other than I just need it. To me, water is a sacred gem that deserves to be treated with such reverence and holy awe.

Often when I write I’ll play a video on YouTube of waves crashing on a beach and imagine, and try to visualize, I am on a beach in Maui – which is my ultimate relaxation place. I try to invoke all areas of my senses and to feel, or remember, the pleasure that water brings me. It doesn’t matter the timeframe either, whether it’s for five minutes or five hours or five days. Any amount of time around water is sufficient and often does the trick for me. Of course though, the longer the time the better I’ll feel. Also, when I go on vacation I always try to find a place where there will be water, whether it’s by a pool, a lake, or an ocean. The volume of water doesn’t matter, just as long as there is H20. 

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