Processing the Idea of Process


Photo taken by the author
Entrance to Pinebrook Golf & Country Club

“In the process
In the waiting
You’re making melodies over me
And your presence
is the promise
For I am a pilgrim on a journey”

– “Shepherd”, Bethel Music

I like what leadership expert, John Maxwell, has to say about process. In his book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, his third law is devoted to what he calls, “The Law of Process.” As he writes, “Leadership develops daily, not in a day.” It’s the idea that any type of progress occurs over a long, gradual, and steady process in a person’s life. Think of someone whom you regard as being successful. When you chart their success backwards, you realize the little steps that person made each day, to the type of person you see in them today.

Let’s face it: I’m a millennial – part of Gen Y. What this means is, at times, I can be allergic to The Law of Process, as we seem to want things instantly. I believe that by my generation cultivating this timeless virtue that prior generation’s have modelled and lived, one of process or being steadfast towards something, we will be making a step in the right direction towards implementing this into our lives.

I love this song, as quoted above, that Amanda Cook sings. The other day, I woke up with this song in my head and I knew it was my song for the day. I’m a words-kind-of-guy, so I’ll write some words about the words of this word-ful song.

“In the process” – Ok, I get it, it’s about process. That is, everything about life, and to do with life, from our deepest longing’s to those areas we would prefer not to go.

“In the waiting” – In the process room in the house of our life, there is apparently a waiting period for us all to enter and go through, as we wait for those desires on our heart to be fulfilled and to come to full fruition.

“You’re making melodies over me” – For me, this is a reminder of grace and how it unfolds throughout my life, in a variety of ways, like a perpetual waterfall. As well, God actually sings (rejoices) over me. In the language of sports, God is cheering me on, is for me, and is my #1 Coach.

“And your presence” – That’s right, God is with me, all of the time, 24/7/365. Immanuel, “God with us”, or better fitted, “God with me.”

“is the promise” – God is the only one qualified to make promises, as He can not lie. He is the one whose promises we should listen to, as He has lots and lots of them for us.

“For I am a pilgrim on a journey” – God sees me as a pilgrim (a traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place) travelling along one of life’s toughest and greatest journey’s, life itself.

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