Glorious Water


Sport silhouette on the water
Summer 2018

I love being around water – it is life to me.

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Who can describe this substance? Who can attempt to articulate its powerful and magnificent force?

Water is a seemingly fleeting and evanescent element, that literally can slip through our finger’s. It cannot be held, grasped, or contained; yet, we rely on it for nourishment for our bodies. And water is just that: a necessary invitation to intake for our own survival. 

Its expanse knows no end and its devastation no end. Even still, we depend on it for our own amusement and enjoyment, including water sports fun, such as: rowing, water-skiing, skim boarding, boating, snorkelling, or diving. For when you’re on top of the water you’re gliding and when you’re under it you come alive & are awakened to the sub-water universe. To add, when you’re on top of the water you really don’t know what’s all beneath it. It’s a big unknown and sizeable mystery. This applies to any size of body of water, whether it’s a marsh, a stream, a river, a lake, a canal, a channel, a strait, or the ocean. What’s under the water is just as enticing and exciting as what is above it. 

Nothing is more powerful, elusive, or mysterious than water. To illustrate, not even the Periodic Table of Elements has enough room in its columns or rows for the element of water. This may seem odd as water is the most basic and fundamental element of life. Even still, water is the most basic element that composes all the other elements. The reason for this is simple: they all depend on water for their unique composition. 

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