Utilizing my personal website as a job seeker

I recently read in a article that “80% of job seekers want a personal website (yet, only 7% have one).”

With that being said, I thought it would be a good idea to get a head start of this curve for giving myself the best opportunities in being noticed by the right company for the right position – from an online perspective.

And so I have decided to join my personal website, which I created over a year-and-a-half ago, as a way to establish and promote myself.

In short, I wanted to put to use my creative and right-brain skills to the test for attracting potential employers via my personal website.

Let me begin.

Here I am as I find myself in the elusive job hunt searching for that best career fit. I have tried different jobs in the past, each requiring different skill sets for different business purposes.

I have been in the hunt for the past 8 weeks now. I am told by friends, family, and mentors alike to “be patient”, “keep hanging in there”, “don’t give up”, and “keep persevering.”

I’m not looking for just any job, but am looking for a career that is a good fit between myself and a future employer that will enable us both to grow as we move forward.

I have also been advised that looking for a job is a full-time time job. This I know.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find work in the interim to pay the bills and put gas in my car.

In a way, I have 2 full-time jobs: one that is paying me now & one I am hoping to be compensated for as the next career fit.

However, this go-around I am focused as I have a target, a job title, that I am searching for.

I am currently seeking an analyst or project role.

Why an analyst role: I enjoy analyzing things, which includes people, events, data, and I figure why not get paid for using these analytical skills; solving problems – this is where I shine, both organizationally and relationally; being a logical person, I instinctively create systems or methods for getting stuff done; I’m also a details-kind-of-guy, always looking for complete and accurate information; I have a knack for clear, professional communication, either well-written or well-said.

Why a project role: I am at my best when given a timeframe for work to be completed by; I’m a great organizer; I enjoy managing all the different aspects of a project; being a natural finisher I seek follow-up to ensure that what was said will get done, actually does get done; I enjoy working with people as I can understand and relate to what they are thinking & feeling; having a keen eye for being able to see the finished product before it has begun; and the ability and willingness to articulate the steps needed, at each stage, to accomplish that plan or vision.

To see more of who I am on paper my resume can be viewed here.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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