2328The answer: I am creatively articulate.

How I got there: I enjoy words and am a creative person (of which writing is a creative process).

I am the type of person who likes playing with words and articulating them in a written way. Being also a creative thinker, this blog acts as a channel in giving me the freedom to write and write away.

I am a true Calgarian: I was born and raised in this great city of Calgary.


I enjoy writing about a variety of topics that are important to me. While exploring my blog, you’ll read about my exciting adventures travelling 19 countries in Europe (London, Santorini, and Rome), a volunteer missions trip to one of Eastern Africa’s rural areas, and one of three triathlons I’ve competed in (Tri #1 & 26 Reasons To Do a Triathlon).

For a little bit about me, I enjoy playing all types of sports. My favourites are: golfing in the summer and downhill skiing at Canada’s winter wonderland in the Rocky Mountains. I also have a deep enjoyment for the water’s, so slalom skiing is a close third.


A famous French artist once said, “Creativity takes courage.” This quote helps set the foundation for my writing’s. It reminds me and inspires me that regardless of the creative form, it takes genuine courage to express one’s thoughts.

As you read these entries, I hope you:IMG_0717
  • grow in ways you may not have otherwise,
  • think in ways higher than you do currently, &
  • learn in a way that no classroom can ever teach.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dwight!! Its really been a blessing reading your blog. Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us!


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