Autumn at The Masters

“Going into [the Masters], I really had amazing control of not only my tee shots but my iron shots. And the amount of time that I spent putting, getting a feel for it, and then coming in there on that Sunday afternoon and getting a nice quiet round set the tone for what I did the rest of the week.”


“When I go back to Augusta National, just the beauty and the history and the aura around it, it’s just unlike anything that we have in our sport.”


“if I’m within six of the lead – I’ve always felt this – if I’m within six of the lead starting the second nine on Sunday, I’ve got a shot at it.


The Masters has a new date this year.

Playing seven months later than usual, it’ll still be the same electric Major tournament, especially come the back nine on Sunday afternoon.

I think it’s the first time the renowned Masters event has been postponed, of course, due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. After a little fact-checking, there were no Masters tournament’s played during 1943-1945, because of WWII.

I could build this event up (as if I or anyone needs to), so, I’ll just cut to the chase.

I predict, like last year, Tiger Woods will be crowned the Green Jacket champion. That is, he will successfully defend his 2019 Masters win. Only this time, Tiger will correctly read that line from the Sunday-usual, front-left-pin position and will sink his winning birdie putt on the 72nd hole. 

His final score will be -14. 

With the 2020 Masters around the corner, Tiger will be on the hunt for win number 16 – Major, that is – thereby, eclipsing the all-time PGA Tour wins to 83. Step aside Mr. Snead. 

Interestingly, 84 is the number of times The Masters has been played in its tournament history. Perhaps, win #84 isn’t all that near-impossible for Tiger. I mean, the 2021 Masters tournament is only 5 months away.

Woods (while embracing LaCava on 18 green): “We did it! We did it!”


“I had never, ever in all my years of going there and all my years of watching the Masters … heard chanting at Augusta National. I still get goose bumps talking about it. The chanting. The amount of support I had. So many people who wanted to see me do it.”


“I had just an amazing amount of e-mails and texts that were flowing in, but I was more surprised the amount of videos of people watching the Masters and seeing their reaction when I hit the shot on 16 or when I made the putt, whether it was on airplanes or in airports or restaurants. I’m out there hitting the shot.”


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