Out of This World


Ocean water’s; Victoria, B.C.
Photo taken by the author

“The invisible realm is superior and far more real than the visible realm.”
– John Paul Jackson

Author and speaker, John Eldridge, reminds us we have been born into a world at war. Even so, most of us are not aware of this and often do not live our lives within this context. If we did understand this, and what it meant for us, it would do a great deal for us in our daily living. It would clarify a lot in our understanding of what is going on around us, as well as to us. In his book, “Love and War”, he writes: “Things are not what they seem…There are larger events unfolding around us, events of enormous consequence…Moments of immense consequence are taking place all around us.”

A few summer’s ago I had the opportunity to travel to Africa for six weeks to help out with an NGO. The last ten days of my trip I travelled to Northern Ethiopia to do some sightseeing on my own. When I was in Gondor, Ethiopia, I got to take a tour of the ruins of the castle complex. While there, I learned from my tour guide that the word “emperor”, as it relates to Ethiopian kings means, “king of kings.” I was shocked to learn this and my eyes were opened to this new-found revelation I had just learned. Do you see the connection?

Jesus is referred to as our “King of kings and Lord of lords.” (see 1 Timothy 6:15, and Revelation 17:14, 19:16.) King Jesus is really Emperor Jesus. He is the emperor over all other kings, and every other earthly king that has ever reigned, or will ever reign, on the earth. Jesus is reigning right now and will be reigning forever, as well as for all of eternity. Eternity is a big number and it represents a very large number of years. So much so, that the greatest mathematicians, of our day and of the past, can not quantitatively assign an actual number that equals eternity; in other words, infinity. All they can think of is that number eight symbol, turned sideways. His reign and his kingship is superior to any and every king before him. It was Jesus who created those earthly kings, after all. This just goes to reinforce that His kingdom is not of this world and it is literally “out of this world.”


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