Europe – Part 1


Santorini, Greek Isle

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


I had the great and awesome opportunity to travel Europe last summer and wanted to share my experiences. These next few blog posts of my trip will be part of a series. This is Part 1 & I hope you enjoy it.

This trip to Europe was, without a doubt, the trip of a lifetime!

I’ll start with some of the events that led up to my travels:

I had spent (served) six years in post-secondary education (4-year Business degree at Trinity Western University & 2-year IT diploma at SAIT) + fourteen years (pre-school – Grade 12) for a combined total of 20 years in school & I needed to get off the continent of North America & explore the world!

Graduating last spring, April 2012 from SAIT, travelling had always been a dream of mine & something I had always wanted to do.

I had wanted to travel after I completed my 1st degree, but never made it a priority to see it happen, mostly due to costs. This was a big motivation in seeing my travel adventures come to fruition after my 2nd educational completion.

I decided now was the best time to go: I was FINALLY finished school, had not started working in “the real world”, I was single, and without a ton of responsibilities I thought it was now or never! (Besides, when else will you ever get 6 consecutive weeks off in a row at work, with your boss graciously holding your job for when you return?!?) I rest my case.


By The Numbers – Trip Overview:

  • # Memories to last a lifetime: Infinite
  • # Pix’s taken: 7,000+
  • # Countries visited: 19
  • # Weeks in total: 6
  • # Weeks in Europe: 5
  • # Weeks in London: 1
  • # Continents explored: 1
  • # People I went with: 1
  • # Regrets: 0

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